What Would You Bring to Space?

We asked students from across Maryland (and beyond) to tell us what five objects they would take into space with them, and why.


Federal code allows astronauts to take up to five personal items with them. Take a look at these students’ ideas, and think about what you would bring on your own journey to space!

We invite you to join us in imagining what it would be like to travel in space - and what people have chosen to take into orbit to remind them of home. From dreidels to dinosaurs to guitars, selecting special objects can be nearly impossible. 


What might you choose to take to space? Turn your answers into an art project! Share your project with us and it might be featured online. 

Mail your artwork to:

Jewish Museum of Maryland

15 Lloyd Street,

Baltimore MD 21202

Attn: Paige Woodhouse


Scan/take a photo of your artwork and email pwoodhouse@jewishmuseummd.org 

with the subject line “What Would You Bring to Space Submission.”